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Never the Same Publishing

On a grassy hillside, looking over the Sea of Galilee, nearly 2,000 years ago… the multitude waited, while a little lad offered his seemingly insignificant lunch of two small fish and five barley loaves to the LORD Jesus Christ. The lunch was “Never the Same”. The miracle that took place that day is remembered each time it is read in God’s Holy Word. The precious Hands that blessed and multiplied that lunch are still more capable of using our lives if we are willing. It is in this same hope we offer our music unto Him Who is the Song of Songs.

All proceeds have been dedicated to the world-wide missions outreach of the Open Door Bible Baptist Church in Astoria, NY. In respect for God’s offering we ask that no part of this music be copied or recorded without permission.┬áIf you have questions, please email Peter Montoro at

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